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Health Office

The main function of the school nurse is to provide for the health concerns of students and staff, managing health problems and injuries when they occur, administer necessary medications, and provide support for the teachers with up-to-date health information and health lessons for the classroom.

Children who are healthy, and who are getting good nutrition and proper rest are better able to learn and participate in class. The school health office is also a community resource room, where the school nurse can provide information on the many resources which are available to our families. Please inform the Health Office if there are any health concerns for your child that the school nurse should be aware of. In the secondary schools let the nurse and guidance office know of any changes in emergency contact information or phone numbers. In the elementary schools let the main office and school nurse know of any changes in emergency contact information or phone numbers.

Lakeland High School - Dineen DeVito, RN ddevito@lakelandschools.org
914 528-0600 ext. 39105  fax 914 528-2027

Walter Panas High School - Wendy Kopec, RN wkopec@lakelandschools.org
914 739-2823 ext. 39205/39225/39235  fax 914 739-2581
Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School - Christine Rizzo RN crizzo@lakelandschools.org
 914 245-1885 ext. 39915  fax 914 245-6324

Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School - Maria Zorabedian, RN mzorabedian@lakelandschools.org
914 245-1885 ext. 39905 fax 914 245-6324

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School -  Donna Malia, RN dmalia@lakelandschools.org
914 245-7444 ext. 39807/39805  fax 914 245-5315

George Washington Elementary School - Christina Doupis, RN cdoupis@lakelandschools.org
914 528-2021 ext. 39305  fax 914-528-2134

Lincoln-Titus Elementary School - Danielle Russo RN darusso@lakelandschools.org
914 528-2519 ext. 39505  fax 914-528-1471

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School - Daniella Ferreira RN  Nurse Supervisor dferreira@lakelandschools.org  914 245-4802 ext. 39405  fax 914-245-0511

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School - Liza Hullstrung RN  lhullstrung@lakelandschools.org  914 245-4802 ext. 39423  fax 914-245-0511

Van Cortlandtville Elementary School - Robyn Butlien, RN rbutlien@lakelandschools.org
914 528-1354 ext. 39605fax 914 528-4126

Katherine Andriotis, RN kandriotis@lakelandschools.org
Suzanne Marricco, RN smarricco@lakelandschools.org
Virginia Mooney, RN vmooney@lakelandschools.org
Lori Smith, RN lsmith@lakelandschools.org
Susan Wolf, RN swolf@lakelandschools.org

LCSD COVID -19  & Respiratory Illness Protocols (pdf)
23-24 LCSD Respiratory Illness Protocols (3_14_24) (2)