Welcome to Lakeland Schools

Board of Education

Lakeland's Board of Education is comprised of nine school district residents who are elected by voters to three-year terms in the annual election each spring. Terms are staggered so that three members are elected each year. Board members serve without compensation. Board members attend at least two public meetings each month along with committee meetings and various school-related activities. At the annual organizational meeting in July, the Board elects a president and vice-president.

The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of the school district. 

The Board of Education is responsible for carrying out the laws and regulations pertaining to the education of our children. Its responsibilities include:

  • Defining the purpose of the Lakeland School District
  • Setting goals to achieve that purpose
  • Determining policies to achieve District goals
  • Employing professional educators
  • Approving contracts, including labor agreements
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of Lakeland programs
  • Representing the community on educational issues
  • Discussing financial management including an annual audit
  • Preparing and adopting a school budget