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Capital Project & Energy Performance Contract (EPC)


With the support of our community, the Capital Project passed with a vote of 444 to 173 in 2023.
This multi-phase project will help update our facilities across the district over the next few years, ensuring our students and staff greater access to modern resources, and more flexible environments from which to teach and learn. 

Similarly, the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) that we have entered into with Ameresco includes making upgrades to our
facilities over the next few years that will reduce long-term energy costs and contribute to environmental sustainability. Under the EPC work, we will improve our energy conservation measures, including making upgrades on lighting, heating and ventilation systems throughout the district, and installing solar panels on five of our main buildings. 

The Lakeland Central School District is working closely with our partners to ensure the Capital Project and EPC are moving along and on target. As we roll out the various phases of both the Capital Project and EPC work, we will continue to keep the public informed of our progress. Once again, we sincerely thank our taxpayers for their support.

For more information about the Capital Project, click here. 

For more information about the Energy Performance Contract, click here. 

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