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A message fro Dr. Stone,Superintendent
As I continue my ninth year here in Lakeland, I recognize that while we have made great progress, there is always so much more to do.  In the past eight years, we have:

  • Established a District-wide Mission, Vision and Core Belief Statement
  • Added extensive safety measures to our schools including locked vestibules, new communication systems, School Resource Officers, Security Aides, access card systems, background checks and more,
  • Implemented Lakeland Instructional Strategies for Success in all classrooms,
  • Raised grades 3-8 test scores to some of the highest proficiency levels in our region,
  • Established new technology initiatives including One to One Chrome Books and IPADS for all students
  • Added mental health clinics, Bridge programs for school phobic students, a state of the art ACE Academy for non-traditional students,
  •  Increased special services including a new elementary ASPIRE unit and a Life Skills apartment,
  • Replaced the stadium turf fields at both high schools, and adding artificial turf multi-purpose baseball-softball and multi-use fields at both high schools,
  • Raised our Moody’s financial rating to Aa1,
  •  Replaced and continue to replace aging roofs throughout the District,
  • Air-conditioned all classrooms,
  •  Enhanced significantly communications through a new website, social media and cable channels,
  • Worked collaboratively with our Parent and Youth Councils to establish new events such as Senior Walk Day and Kindness Day,
  • Added numerous new college and career programs and orientation opportunities including new college credit courses and partnerships,
  • Initiated programs to connect with Lakeland graduates,
and so much more.  

As a District dedicated to continuous improvements, there is much more to do. Our facilities need regular maintenance and upgrades, our buses  periodically need replacement, instructional materials need replacements and supplements, and new programs and technology are constantly needed.

We want our community and any prospective residents who are comparing services and quality to know that we will continue to strive to be the district of choice in Westchester and Putnam Counties, offering the best in quality education combined with well-rounded co and extracurricular opportunities supported by a Board of Education and staff dedicated to EXCELLENCE.