2021 - 2022 Board of Education and Advisory Committees

Standing Committees:

Sick Bank - Review request from an employee for use of sick bank and meets only as requests are received
Members: Michael Daly and Becky Burfeind
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Tammy Cosgrove, Lynn Cosenza
Community Members:  Members of the Bargaining Units

District Parents' Council Advisory - Establish and maintain direct and open communication between the parents, administration, and Board of Education. Provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and concerns and create and continue cooperative efforts in the district
Members: Becky Burfeind, Denise Kness and Robert Mayes
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Brendan Lyons and Dr. Karen Gagliardi, and Dr. Steve Rappleyea
Community Members:  All PTA Presidents and Co-Presidents

District Youth Council-Advisory - Provide a link between the Board of Education, the Superintendent and the students in the district, Establish a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and concerns and generate cooperative efforts for the benefit of students
Members:  Angela Conti, Adam Kaufman, Denise Kness and Anna Massaro
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Brendan Lyons and Dr. Karen Gagliardi

Management Policy - Develop new policies and review and revise current policies to meet the goals of the Board of Education
Members: Angela Conti, Michael Daly, Adam Kaufman and Anna Massaro
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Brendan Lyons, Dr. Karen Gagliardi, Dr. Tammy Cosgrove, 
Dr. Steve Rappleyea and Margo May (Attorney)

Community Members: Tom Daw, Susan Sacks, and Lou Sassano
Meeting Dates: October 25, January 24, March 28, May 2

Safety Committee/Emergency Management - Evaluate Emergency Management Plan, review safety/security issues, review Risk Loss Control reports from NYSIR and make recommendations, and provide a forum to exchange information, ideas, and concerns
Members:  Robert Mayes and Becky Burfeind 

Administrative Liaisons: George Prine, Dwayne Hoffmann, Lauren Fontana and Building Principals

Audit Committee - Review district financial procedures, review external audit and make a recommendation to the Board for management of the financial
Members:  Angela Conti, Michael Daly, Donald B. Pinkowsky and Rachelle Nardelli
Administrative Liaison:  Dr. Brendan Lyons and Joy Myke
Community Members:  Ray Bulter and Michael Marx
Meeting Dates: July 22, September 23, February 10, May 19

Wellness Committee - The District Wellness Committee will meet four times annually and report to the Superintendent regarding the state of the District Wellness policy and the district’s movement towards the attainment of three-year goals. The District Curriculum Council will review the goals and objectives of the Wellness Committee on a three-year review cycle – measuring attainment of goals, relevant changes in regulations, curriculum updates relative to wellness, and budget considerations relative to the goals of the committee. The three-year report will then be submitted to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.
Members: Becky Burfeind, Anna Massaro and Rachelle Nardelli
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Karen Gagliardi, Dr. Steve Rappleyea, Magalie Porretto and Patricia Viggiano
Community Members: Carole Henkin, Jennifer Pili, Karen Bloom, Laura DeFina and Sara Pagano
Meeting Dates: October 18, December 13, February 7, April 4

Capital Projects - Assist the Board of Education in financially effective and educationally sound planning with regard to district construction projects, fields development, building alterations, energy conservation and measures other matters pertaining to the facilities of the district
Members: Michael Daly,  Adam Kaufman, Robert Mayes and Donald B. Pinkowsky 
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Brendan Lyons, Joy Myke and George Prine
Meeting Dates: August 12, September 9

Lakeland Advocacy Outreach - The Committee’s focus will include: High Stake Testing, APPR, NYS Tax Cap and Unfunded Mandates
Members:  Anna Massaro and Robert Mayes
Administrative Liaison: Dr. Brendan Lyons
Community Members: Nicole Friedman

Members:  Denise Kness
Administrative Liaison: Dr. Brendan Lyons and Lauren Fontana

Superintendent's Committee

Ad Hoc Committee

Budget Committee
Members:  Angela Conti, Rachelle Nardelli, and Donald B. Pinkowsky
Administrative Liaison:  Dr. Brendan Lyons and Joy Myke
Meeting Dates