2017-2018 Board of Education and Advisory Committees

Standing Committees:

Sick Bank - Review request from employee for use of sick bank and Meets only as requests are received
Members: Glenn Malia and TBD
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Tammy Cosgrove
Meeting Dates:

District Parents' Council Advisory - Establish and maintain direct and open communication between the parents, administration and Board of Education, Provide a forum for exchange of information, ideas and concerns and Create and continue cooperative efforts in the district
Members: Karen Pressman, Denise Kness and Rachelle Nardelli
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. George Stone and Jean Miccio
Community Members:  All PTA Presidents and Co-Presidents
Meeting Dates: Monday, October 30, Wednesday, November 29, Monday, January 29, Tuesday, February 27, Monday, March 26, Monday, April 30

District Youth Council-Advisory -Provide a link between the Board of Education, the Superintendent and the students in the district, Establish a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and concerns and Generate cooperative efforts for the benefit of students
Members: Denise Kness and Karen Pressman
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. George Stone
Community Members:
Meeting Dates:

Management Policy - Develop new policies and Review and revise current policies to meet the goals of the Board of Education
Members: Rachelle Nardelli, Carol Ann Dobson and Steve Korn
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. George Stone, Jean Miccio, Dr. Tammy Cosgrove and MaryEllen Herzog
Community Members: Tom Daw, Lou Sassano and Susan Sacks
Meeting Dates:

Safety Committee/Emergency Management - Evaluate Emergency Management Plan, Review safety/security issues, Review Risk Loss Control reports from NYSIR and make recommendations and Provide a forum to exchange information, ideas and concerns
Members: Steve Rosen and Rachelle Nardelli
Administrative Liaisons: Steve Calabrese, James Van Develde and Building Principals
Meeting Dates: November 30

Audit Committee - Review district financial procedures, Review external audit and Make recommendation to Board for management of financial operation

Members:  Michael Daly, Steve Korn and Glen Malia
Administrative Liaisons:  Binoy Alunkal
Community Members:  Raymond Bulter, Angela Conti and Michael Marx
Meeting Dates: Monday, September 18; Tuesday, December 19

Wellness -
Members: Carol Ann Dobson and Rachelle Nardelli
Administrative Liaisons: Jean Miccio, Jo Anne Ricapito and Patricia Viggiano
Community Members: Betsy Davis, Kayla Murphy, Cheryline Pezzullo, Sandy Shelley and Nancy Stender
Meeting Dates: October 23, December 11, February 12, and April 23

Capital Projects - Assist the Board of Education in financially effective and educationally sound planning with regard to: district construction projects, fields development, building alterations, energy conservation and measuresother matters pertaining to the facilities of the district
Members: Glen Malia, Michael Daly, Steve Rosen, and Denise Kness
Administrative Liaisons: Steve Calabrese, James Van Develde and Binoy Alunka
Meeting Dates: August 17, October 5, December 14, March 15

Lakeland Advocacy Outreach - The Committee’s focus will include: High Stake Testing, APPR, NYS Tax Cap and Unfunded Mandates
Members:  Denise Kness, Carol Ann Dobson and Karen Pressman
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. George Stone and James Van Develde
Community Members: Keri Fiore
Meeting Dates:

Members:  Karen Pressman and Denise Kness
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. George Stone and James Van Develde
Meeting Dates:

Superintendent's Committee

Pupil Personnel/Special Education -The responsibility of the special education committee is to focus on increasing student achievement and reviewing due process requirements including least restrictive environment.
Members:  Denise Kness
Administrative Liaisons: MaryEllen Herzog
Meeting Dates: