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June 06, 2020
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Dear 5th Grade Parent/Guardians:

 I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy at home!   Please know, we are keeping all your families in our thoughts  and best wishes during this difficult time.

 Believe it or not, we have come to the end of the school year.   In an attempt to celebrate our wonderful Class of 2020 under   the current circumstances, we will be providing a virtual (pre-   recorded) Moving Up Ceremony for all to view the last week   of school.  In addition, we have scheduled a 5th Grade   Moving Up Car Parade for Tuesday, June 9th around the   Benjamin Franklin bus loop.  As always, to ensure everyone's   safety during the parade and maintain social distancing, we   must conduct our parade under the following conditions:

  • All students and parents must remain in their cars at all times throughout the duration of the parade.  Please do not leave your car and/or congregate in the streets, bus loop, or parking lot.
  • To avoid congestion due to the limited space along Kamhi Drive within the adjacent neighborhood to our school, we have scheduled designated times for each 5th Grade class to participate in the parade: 
  • 9:00 ~ Conte/Jean-Lauture
  • 9:30 ~ Grace
  • 10:00 ~ Hendershot/Palmer
  • 10:30 ~ Rotger
  • 11:00 ~ Spadafino/Morabito
  • Each group will start lining up at the entrance of the school grounds. Officer Mike (SRO) will be on hand to supervise and direct traffic.  Please begin to only arrive approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled time (If you arrive earlier you may end up being part of another class).  Our hope is each class will arrive 10 minutes prior to their assigned start time, so we can start each class right on time, take two slow laps around the bus loop, and then exit the parking lot as the next class begins to start lining up along Kamhi Dr. (Example: 8:50 Conte's class starts to arrive/line up, 9:00 we start the Conte parade taking two slow laps around the bus loop, 9:20 Conte's class exits the bus loop. 9:20 Grace's class starts to arrive/line up...)
  • Reminder - Please respect our neighbors and refrain from blocking their driveways as you line up along Kamhi Drive.  We have a good relationship with our neighbors and would like to keep it that way.  :)    Please decorate your cars!  Thank you!
  • Our entire staff was looking forward to participating in the parade.  Unfortunately, due to mandates regarding restrictions on public gatherings only the following people will be in attendance around the bus loop, distanced apart, and wearing masks: Mr. Craft, Mrs. Mecca, Mrs. Luft, Officer Mike, and the 5th grade Teachers.
 Other Information:
  • Yearbooks and the End of Year gifts have been ordered and will be delivered by the end of June ~ More information to follow. 
  •  A special message (Congratulations!) video will be coming from all the BF teachers.
  • 5th Grade library book/Cricket in Times Square  drop-off will be on Monday, June 8th and Wed., June 10th from 8-2 pm.  There will be drop-off boxes by the front doors.
 I want to thank everyone in advance for your patience and   cooperation as we try our best to celebrate this special   milestone for all the 5th grade students.   We are all so proud!

 Kind regards,
 Mr. Craft
June 03, 2020

Next year, your children will have the opportunity to play in Band or Orchestra in Grade 5, as well as singing in Chorus. The selection for those instruments takes place now. Please watch the presentation below and fill out the attached form at the end. Thanks!

Grade 4 Band & Orchestra image

May 30, 2020
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In collaboration with the Benjamin Franklin  E.S. PTA, we would like to encourage everyone to participate in BFES School Spirit Activities.   

Please post your pictures on the BF PTA Facebook page and use hashtags #BFPride #BFRocks

BF PTA Facebook page:

Virtual Spirit Days - week of 6/1:

  • Monday: Polka Dot Day - wear clothes with polka dots
  • Tuesday: Tank Top Tuesday - wear your favorite tank top
  • Wednesday: Western Wednesday - dress like a cowboy/cowgirl
  • Thursday: Sunglasses Day - rock your favorite shades
  • Friday: Furry Friends Friday - post a picture with your pet(s) or favorite stuffed animal


May 21, 2020
May 14, 2020
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May 14, 2020
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