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From the Desk of Mrs. McGowan.....

November 2021 Newsletter

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Principal Corner
October: we all brought our best smiles for school pictures. Thank you to our PTA and the small group of parent volunteers that assisted in Picture Day. We were able to take a class picture (masked until the picture was taken). We have restarted our Virtual PBIS Assemblies. Our UPK & Kindergarteners proudly paraded for all of our school community to see their costumes for Halloween. Interims were distributed on October 29th.

Reminders: Please remember any change of address, contact information needs to be updated with the office. Please be sure to update administration of any change in custody or guardianship, so we effectively are working with our families. 

Upcoming activities:
in November there are many activities around Thanksgiving and we are beginning to bring back our BOCES enrichment programs to various grades. This month Grade 4 is studying Hudson River and Native Americans. Please remember Tuesday, November 2nd is Election Day and Thursday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day, school is closed for our students. All of our grades celebrate as a community and share what they are THANKFUL for. 

is a time we reflect on the blessings we have and all that we are grateful for. The staff at Lincoln-Titus Elementary School is grateful for all of the wonderful families we have at Lincoln-Titus and are thankful for the smiling faces of our children. We are fortunate to have each of them in our care.  On behalf of all of our school staff, we wish all our families a wonderful Thanksgiving and know we are appreciative of all you do with and for the school.

Safety/Security Reminder:
Please remember to follow careful driving and parking procedures in our school lot. There is much activity – especially at drop off and dismissal. We have our UPK students being picked up at 11:30 AM and the PM classes arriving at 12:30 PM. It is important to help ensure our students are safe. Thank you for following the appropriate traffic patterns in the AM and PM.
Drop off for our K-5 students starts at 8:05 AM unless they are signed up and attending Children Center before school program or an approved before LTES program.

Save the dates: Thursday, December 2nd is our Winter Concert. Students in the chorus from Grades 4 & 5 generally perform a Choral Concert. We are still awaiting the guidelines for this event. We will alert you as to the process as soon as we have them.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – are scheduled with your child’s teacher. They are scheduled for Monday, November 22nd, this is a half day for K- 5 students. Our UPK students are not in session for both the AM and PM to allow for parent conferences all day.

Upcoming Events
November 2 - Supt. Conf/Election Day-Closed                    
November 3 - 4-PTA Evening Bookfair                     
November 5 - PBIS/CE Assembly                                     
November 11 - Veteran's Day-School Closed                             
November 22 - Parent/Teacher Conferences                     
November 24 - 26-Thanksgiving-School Closed
December 3-End of First Trimester
December 6-STAR Testing Begins            
TBD-Winter Choral Concert Grs. 4/5                               
December 17-STAR Testing Ends

Coach Update: The coach and teachers have been meeting to discuss the needs of individual students. The teachers and coach have administered the STAR assessment to all grades, as well as number and letter recognition assessments in kindergarten. The information will help us inform instruction and best meet the needs of the students.
The coach and teachers have been collaborating to implement an effective, well-structured workshop model in both Math and ELA. The workshop model is a data informed approach in which students are engaged in a variety of learning activities around skills and concepts. This month we are focusing on shared reading and how to best use Benchmark Universe resources during shared reading time. Shared reading is an interactive reading experience that takes place when students share the reading of a book with the help and assistance of a teacher. It is an opportunity for the students and the teacher to view, read orally, and have conversations using the same text. Along the way, the teacher explicitly models strategies that proficient readers use during reading. As parents we can help support this work at home. Make reading an enjoyable routine. Respond to your child’s interests and comments, and share your own enthusiasm, ques­tions, and enjoyment. Try to make it a regular routine—read at the same time each day if you can.

PBIS Update: Lincoln-Titus students continue to practice TWISTing in all areas of the building!  Students have been earning class acknowledgments as they meet expectations in all areas of our school. November is Wise Choices month. We look forward to learning more about wise choices.