Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Parent Group

Lincoln-Titus would not be the wonderful school that it is without its fantastic, supportive
parent group, the Lincoln-Titus PTA.  The PTA gives you the opportunity to become more
involved in your child’s developmental and educational success.

The PTA is a partnership among parents and school staff with a shared goal of creating a better
learning environment for our children.  Becoming a member of the PTA does not obligate you
to attend meetings or volunteer for activities, but participation in our meetings and programs
will help enrich the education of your own children.  We value suggestions and contributions
from a wide array of perspectives and backgrounds.  We look forward to working with the
entire school community to enhance our children’s education opportunities!

Though volunteering is always appreciated, we understand that donating time is not an option
for everyone. Another way to support the PTA is to pay your dues every year. This money
allows us to continue to host fun and exciting activities for the students, their families and the
LT staff!

Through several fundraisers along with membership dues the PTA is able to accomplish much,
with and for the entire Lincoln Titus Community:
Field Trips
Appreciation Luncheons
School Play
Picture Day
Activity Nights and Events
…and many more!

To join the PTA and pay annual dues, please visit the Memberhub store and select the
appropriate option:

For any inquiries, you can reach the PTA by email at, and please be
sure to follow our Facebook page: