Lincoln-Titus Elementary School


The aim of the art program is to inspire students to perceive, create and appreciate the visual arts. The program encourages exploration, self-expression and the mastery of basic art skills, concepts and vocabulary. 

Library Media Center  
Kathleen Lalier, Library Media Specialist 
Phone: (914) 528-2519 ext. 208
Students visit the library once a week for instruction and book selection. Our library collection supports the curriculum and enriches literature appreciation. The mission of the library media program is for students to learn how to access and use information efficiently and effectively and to promote lifelong learning.
Jamie Stroffolino, Music Coordinator
Steve Calidonna 

At Lincoln-Titus we offer a variety of musical experiences for our students. All students grades 1-5 attend a 40 minute General Music class weekly.

The General Music Class incorporates numerous activities: singing (both solo and group), performance on classroom instruments (pitched and non-pitched percussion, improvisational and prepared), note reading, rhythm exercises and compositions, drumming, the exploration of musical styles, the study of various composers and their compositions, and the ongoing development of active listening skills, movement (improvised, interpretive or prepared), and dance. There is great emphasis placed on integrating other disciplines through the implementation of music.

Karl Orff’s pedagogy is followed. It provides a positive learning environment involving the whole child through his/her experiencing song, language, recorder, barred instruments, drums, movement and dance. Self-esteem, confidence and a cooperative and collaborate spirit are fostered.

Pre-band/orchestra instrumental studies begin in the third grade during the second half of the year. At that time, the students begin learning the recorder. The recorder skills will be developed further and proficiency will grow throughout the fourth and fifth grades.

Beginning in fourth grade, students have the opportunity to join a performing group. Currently, Lincoln-Titus offers fourth and fifth grade chorus, fifth grade band and fifth grade string orchestra. Chorus is preparation occurs in the general classroom in order to expose each student to the literature and to the vision of the performance. Close to the concert date, it is necessary to call several early morning rehearsals for those students who have made the commitment to perform. Small instrumental and dance ensembles will meet one or two recesses to work on their part of the program as needed. Chorus will perform at BOTH winter and spring concerts.

Members of the band and string orchestra participate in small group lessons on a weekly basis. Later in the year, band and orchestra students will be required to attend large group rehearsals in order to prepare for the spring concert. The band and orchestra will perform ONLY at the spring concert, so that each musician will have the chance to become comfortable with his/her new instrument.
All fourth and fifth grade students are encouraged to participate in a performing group. Many of our fifth graders play in the band or orchestra, and also sing in the chorus.

These opportunities for beginners are offered only at the elementary level.

Physical Education
Steven Greco  Mike Anderson