Lincoln-Titus Elementary School

Second Grade

Joanna Brinn  Margaret Caulfield   Deanna DePalma   

Second graders will become more knowledgeable about our communities. We will explore different traditions and holidays. Our focus will deal with urban, suburban and rural communities. In science we will learn about tools to measure our world. We will observe and measure changes in energy, in living things and the four seasons.
Our math program continues to focus addition and subtraction strategies, word problems, geometry and fractions. Second graders will become more fluent readers and writers through the “Balanced Literacy” approach.

Second Grade Projects
In order to insure that all of our young learners have the same experiences and opportunities to be engaged with 21st century learning, we have developed a number of curriculum projects that integrate existing curriculum with technology.  These projects were developed by teachers in district and regional workshops. 

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