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First Grade

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In the classroom, first graders develop work habits, social skills, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and their learning.  Through a balanced literacy approach children will read, write, listen, and speak for purposes such as gathering information, critical analysis, and social interaction.

Our math program combines group work, individual investigations, and partner work to explore topics such as number concepts, problem-solving, computation, patterns, mathematical reasoning, and measurement.
In science, the first graders will learn to organize themselves as scientists, investigate properties of objects, identify states of matter, and investigate living things.

Our social studies program will introduce first graders to a variety of turning points in history, the use of maps and globes, and will develop an awareness of holidays and symbols of our country.

First Grade Projects and Links
In order to insure that all of our young learners have the same experiences and opportunities to be engaged with 21st century learning, we have developed a number of curriculum projects that integrate existing curriculum with technology.  These projects were developed by teachers in district and regional workshops.  

Note: The Social Studies/ELA Integrated Curriculum sites are password protected.

First Grade Projects and Links