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Senior Newsletter

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March 2024

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Notify Your Counselor of Your College Acceptances
If you have been accepted to more than one college, you may find it difficult to make a decision.  If so, refer back to your list identifying why you applied to each college, check out the campus again, compare financial aid offers and speak to your counselor who can help sort out your options.  When you decide what college to attend, notify the other schools that accepted you of your decision to go elsewhere.  This allows students on the waitlist to be admitted.

Universal Deposit Deadline for Colleges
Due to the delays experienced by FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), some colleges have been extending their deposit deadlines past May 1st.  Please check with the colleges directly to know if they have adopted new deposit deadlines.

Did You Know…

  • It’s Not Too Late to Apply to College. Some colleges with rolling admissions accept students until the class is full or until the first day of classes.  Call the admissions offices of the colleges to see if they are still accepting students.
  • Colleges have the right to revoke an acceptance. Once you are accepted, it is wise to continue to have a strong senior year.
  • All mid-year grades have been sent to colleges. Should you receive a notification from a specific college, please bring it to the attention of your counselor. 
  • You should be regularly checking your email and/or college portal regarding college, housing, financial aid, and scholarship information.

Check out for scholarships and you will continue to receive scholarship information while in college!

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