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Senior Newsletter & Scholarship Opportunities
February 2023
For detailed information on services, updates, and important student & parent resources, visit Lakeland School District Guidance Department

Checklist for College Applications, etc.
  • College admission decision letters will begin to arrive this month. You should review your acceptances, and compare the colleges’ financial aid offers.
  • Visit or virtually visit the colleges where you have been accepted.
  • Call the college financial aid office with any questions you may have.
  • Stay focused on grades. Don’t slack off.  College admission officers expect to see that you’ve worked hard to keep your grades up.  Many colleges check your senior grades.  All acceptances are conditional upon successful completion of senior year.
  • Let your counselor know when you receive a college admission decision.
  • There is still time to apply to colleges. Many schools have late deadlines or rolling admissions policies where there is no set deadline and applications may be submitted during the winter or spring.  You should still apply as early as possible.  You never know how competitive open seats will be.

SAT/ACT Test Dates

SAT Test:  March 11, 2023, Regular registration deadline, Feb 10, 2023, Late registration deadline February 28, 2023

ACT TestApril 15, 2023, Regular registration deadline, March 10, 2023, Late Registration deadline March 24, 2023

Financial Aid
Every family should file a FAFSA form regardless of whether they believe they are eligible for aid.  You never know what type of aid might be awarded and tuition loans are only available to students who have completed the FAFSA.   Go to Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply.

Mid-Year Grades
The School Counseling Office will automatically send mid-year grades to all the colleges to which a student has applied.

LAKELAND HIGH SCHOOL, 1349 East Main St. Shrub Oak, NY  10588
PH: (914) 528-0600 (press 3, Guidance), FAX: (914) 528-3693
ADMINISTRATION:  Christopher Cummings, Principal, Alfonse Davino, Asst. Principal, Samantha Stein, Asst. Principal
COUNSELING OFFICE:  Frank Gizzo, Director of School Counseling
SCHOOL COUNSELORS:  Meredith Klatsky, Kaitlyn Marshall, Gregory Millings (ACE),  Bianca Raniolo, Julie Ruxton, Dennine Smith
SUPPORT STAFF:  Patricia Goff, Cheryl Hamilton, Carole Henkin, Beth O’Neill, College and Career Ctr.