Lakeland High School

National Honor Society

NHS Requirements

National Honor Society Criteria—The National Honor Society is a prestigious organization, stressing the qualities of scholarship, character, service and leadership, which each applicant must demonstrate. Grade point averages are not rounded in determining honor society eligibility. The requirements are:

  • Students must have at least an 88 unweighted average
  • Students must have no discipline/behavior concerns either in or out of school
  • Students must have completed 80 service hours before they apply—documentation for these 80 hours is due by September 30
  • During the course of their senior year, students must continue service and must complete an additional 20 hours within their high school
  • Students must submit proof of service and have two letters attesting to their character and/or service
  • Students must hand in the invitational packet and letters when due in order to be considered
  • Students who are denied admittance will have recourse to appeal their denial through the channels outlined in the national handbook
  • Students are expected to maintain good standing through senior year in order to remain in the honor society