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Counseling Newsletter

Counseling Newsletter

June 2024

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Post-Graduation Form – VERY IMPORTANT!!
All seniors and parents were informed last month of the Post-Graduation form.  This is an extremely important form that identifies post-graduate plans (college, work, military, gap year) for ALL seniors.  Those college bound seniors will also indicate the college they are attending along with college decisions for all applications so their FINAL TRANSCRIPT can be sent (without which they will not be able to register for classes).

Directions on how to access the form in Naviance is available in the Class of 2024 School Counseling Google Classroom.  Even though the deadline has passed, we need all seniors to complete this form otherwise they will be called to the school counseling office to complete it.

Home Access Reminder
This is a reminder that parents must have a Home Access login to access a student’s interim, report card, course requests and schedule.  Parents are also strongly advised to verify that a valid e-mail address is registered with your school by clicking “registration” in Home Access.  The Home Access Center is available at the top of the district’s homepage at

NYS Free Tuition Scholarships
The New York State Excelsior Scholarship offers free tuition, not including room, board and additional fees, to students attending a SUNY or CUNY, provided the family household federal adjusted gross income does not exceed $125,000 and thereafter, the student completes 30 credits per year, and resides and works in New York, after graduation, for the same time period as the award.  The student must complete an application by the determined deadline to be eligible.  If graduates move or work out of state, the entire scholarship is converted to a loan. Please see for more information.

The NYS Enhanced Tuition Award of up to $6,000 is available for resident students enrolled in participating private colleges in New York State with the same stipulations as the Excelsior Scholarship.  Further information on college financial planning, including streaming video of prior financial aid presentations are currently available on the district’s school counseling webpage. Visit for more information.

Attention Current Juniors
Remember that next fall you will be incredibly busy between senior year courses, extracurricular activities and the college application process.  Do yourself an ENORMOUS favor and begin your essay over the summer! A great starting point is the Common Application.  Completing that application and beginning your essay from the topics it provides is a wise move.  Reviewing potential writing topics with your school counselor prior to embarking on your essay is also a smart step.  Returning to school in September with a rough draft of a college essay will reduce senior year stress!  Visit the district school counseling web page’s Post Secondary Planning – College, the College Application, for some expert direction on your essay.

Review Your Report Card Carefully
Make sure all courses are listed correctly.  Check for entries in final average and credit columns.  This information will be reported on your official student transcript. To report any discrepancies, please contact your counselor.

Transcripts: All senior transcripts will be AUTOMATICALLY sent to the college that the student has reported as attending on the Post-Graduation form.  Final senior transcripts will also be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse for any student-athlete who has applied. Underclassmen may review transcripts to-date through Home Access Center.

Summer Work
Remember that it is each student’s responsibility to check if there is any summer work associated with a course.  Summer reading and Honors or AP Course assignments can be found on the school’s web page.

Working Permit Needed?
Students who might be getting a job this summer will need working papers.  Applications are available in the school counseling office and online and must be completed by a parent, the student, and a doctor or the school nurse certifying the student is physically fit for employment.  Once the application is complete, the school counseling office will issue the working permit.  The application is available online at:

Congratulations to the Class of 2024
All of the LHS/WPHS counselors and support staff, who have watched you grow and become young adults over the past four years, wish you the greatest successes in the years to come. Each one of you has contributed in your own unique way to help LHS/WPHS become better schools; and as much as you will be missed, we know that you are prepared to take your next big step beyond high school.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments.  Our best wishes for a happy, healthy and fulfilling life go with you!  We look forward to your future visits as alumni!


  • June 1st: SAT Test at LHS (digital)
  • June 4th: Algebra 1 Regents & WCC Math Final Exam Testing Day (Students attend only if they have a test; see testing schedule for details.)
  • June 7th: LHS Senior Walk and Picnic
  • June 8th:  ACT Test
  • June 13th-June 26th-: Regents Exams
  • June 18th: LHS Graduation rehearsal @ 9am
  • June 19th: Juneteenth (Holiday - no school)
  • June 20th: LHS Prom
  • June 22nd: LHS Graduation (11:30 am)
  • June 26th: Last day of school
  • June 28th: Final Grades available in Home Access Center @ 4pm
  • June 30th: FAFSA deadline for New York state.


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COUNSELING OFFICE: Frank Gizzo, Director of School Counseling
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