Lakeland High School

Clubs and Organizations

Lakeland High School offers a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students to participate in. Most activities meet once or twice a week after school from 2:20pm to 3:00pm. The following is a list of clubs and a brief description of the activity.

Senior Class - Ms. Viverito & Ms. Ciraolo
Junior Class - Ms. Anderson & Ms. Colombo
Sophomore Class - Ms. Raniolo & Ms. Stewart
Freshman Class

Each Class plans fundraising, entertainment & activities, including prom, while promoting leadership and school spirit.

Descriptions of Clubs can be found below:

Art Club - Mr. Palumbo - Rm 177 - Mondays @2:20pm
Work on various collaborative & independent art projects, including a group mural painting.

Chamber Choir  - Mr. Yapchanyk - Rm 197

Crochet Club
- Ms. Benvenuti - TBD

Dance Company - Ms. Colombo - Dance Room
Provide students who are trained dancers the opportunity to perform at LHS.

Debate - Mr. Bauschard - Rm 214 Thursdays - @2:20pm (PLC days will meet on Tuesday)
Designed to formalize the competitive element of the Lakeland District Debate program.  Students are expected to meet the schedule of coaching and training sessions set in a calendar of monthly events.

Drama Club (formerly Wig n Whiskers) - Mr. Yapchanyk & Ms. Fitzgibbon - Auditorium - M-F @2:20pm
Resident drama club of LHS produces high quality educational theater. Gives students the opportunity to perform on stage or work backstage.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) - Ms. Morrone-Mann - Library
FBLA is a non-profit education association of students preparing for careers in business/business related fields. Its mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Gaming Club (formerly Dungeons and Dragons) - Mr. Kingsley - Rm 134 - Tuesdays @2:20pm
Come meet up with like-minded gamers to engage in Nintendo Switch battles, DnD campaigns, and other card and board games.

Italian Honor Society - Ms. Dolgetta-Ward - Rm 227
Give recognition to achievements in Italian as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization.

Jazz Ensemble - Mr. Kowalski - Rm 197 - Tuesdays from @6-7:30pm
Enhances the musical knowledge and skills of each student by playing together to build communication, skills between the musicians, participate in community activities, study and play a variety of musical styles. (includes regional competitions).

Law Enforcement -
Officer Nicholson - TBD
Learn basic Law Enforcement operations.

Literary and Art Magazine - The Hive's Mind - Ms. Jablonski - Rm 134
Submit and workshop creative works to be published in our magazine, work on magazine layout, etc.

Mock Trial - Ms. Cooper & Ms. Kroohs - Rm 204 - Every other Wednesday @2:20pm
Tournaments provide students with hands-on opportunities to further their understanding of the law, court procedures and our legal system.  There are virtual monthly meetings with a local attorney that volunteers and donates his time to assist the Team. Competitions will be Thursday evenings throughout the month of March.

Music Honor Society - Mr. Grimm & Mr. Kowalski - TBD

National English Honor Society - Ms. Stewart - Library Reference Room

National Honor Society - Ms. Papp - Library
SENIORS ONLY - We create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership and develop character. Juniors with an 88 cumulative average and 80 hours of community service are invited to join.

Newspaper, The Sting - Mr. Kingsley - Rm 130 - Wednesdays @2:20pm
Write, layout & publish the school’s newspaper. All aspects of writing, editing & publishing are covered.

Pawsitively Pawsome - Ms. Jablonski - TBD
To allow students to work with Olive (play, exercise, commands/obedience training). Or just de-stress!

Pre-Med - Mr. Peters - Rm 219 
To expose students to real-life medical studies.

Robotics Club - Mr. Dalessandro - Rm 144 - Fridays @2:20pm

Rugby Club - Ms. Jablonski & Mr. Meyer - Outside the Gym - Monday-Friday @2:20pm
Learning basic Rugby skills.

S.A.D.D Club - Ms. Meyer-Porco - Rm 151A - Wednesdays @2:20pm
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is dedicated toward reducing alcohol related traffic fatalities and other destructive decisions that impact the lives of young people and reduce risk taking behaviors.

Science National Honor Society - Ms. Massey - Library - 3rd Wednesday of each month @2:20pm
SNHS is a prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research and scientific exploration for America.

Social Studies Honor Society - Ms. Seifts & Ms. Kroohs - Rm 213 - 2nd Thursday of each month @2:20pm

Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica) - Ms. Colombo - Rm 225
Honor Society for students enrolled in Spanish & Portuguese. Sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese to recognize high achievement and promote a continuing interest in Spanish & Portuguese studies.

Spirit Committee - Ms. Fiore & Ms. Stockinger - Rm 118 - 3rd Tuesday of each month @2:20pm 
Set the tone, generate enthusiasm & pride at LHS. Help decorate for upcoming events and create commemorative buttons.

Student Government - Mr. Fallo - Rm 136 - 3rd Tuesday of each month @2:20pm
Enrich students lives through school & community activities such as food drives, pep rallies & homecoming. You must be elected to this position senior year.

UNICEF - Ms. Viswanathan - Rm 235

The United Nations Children's Fund is an agency that provides assistance to children and mothers in developing countries to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place for children all over the world.

Weight Room - Mr. Knapp - Weight Room - Monday-Thursday @2:15-3:15pm
Weight training.

Yearbook - Ms. Apostolico - Rm 136 - Wednesdays @2:20pm
Plan, produce and sell the school's yearbook.