Lakeland High School

Library Profile

"What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education."
- - - Harold Howe, former U.S. Commissioner of Education

At Lakeland High School we have a full-time librarian.  In many ways the librarian is also a classroom teacher.  They handle not only the circulation and shelving of materials, but inputs orders, processes materials, adds and deletes records in the automated card catalog, makes calls and processes information for interlibrary loans.  They also select materials, create bibliographies, give book talks, design and maintains this web page and presents lessons to all grade levels in evaluating information, using databases, and writing a research paper with proper citations.  

The mission of the library media program at Lakeland High School is to provide the students and staff with an environment that fosters the development of independent thinkers who value lifelong learning and are capable of participating fully in a rapidly changing world.


  • To provide as promptly as possible a high percentage of the materials needed by the users.
  • To effectively incorporate appropriate technology into the design and implementation of instruction.
  • To work with the faculty to gain a clear understanding of their educational objectives and to communicate to them the ways in which library skills can be integrated into their existing curricula.  On an ongoing basis, the librarian collaborates with teachers to enhance and enrich the curriculum through multi-media station projects and other research-related units.
  • To teach students to use the library while developing location, research and literature appreciation skills. To encourage and share a love of reading.