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Welcome to the George Washington Library Media Center. Students are exposed to information literacy skills, including accessing and evaluating information.  Our library collection enriches and supports curriculum as well as nurtures literature appreciation. A reminder that books are checked out for one week at a time. Students are responsible for the book they checked out. If the book is not returned to the library they will not be able to take out a new book until it is returned. If a book gets lost or damaged the student must pay for it or replace it with the exact book lost.

Katherine O'Connor, K-12 Art Coordinator 
Amy Knapp, Art Teacher 
It is time for another great year in Art. I would like to ask that you supply your student with an art smock.  I suggest just an old oversized t-shirt or button down shirt.  Preferably one that was an adult size shirt.  This way the student is completely covered.  Please write your child's name in their smock as well.  The store bought smocks, I find do not cover the students arms and therefore a lot of times they get dirty.  If you choose for your student not to have a smock please make sure they aren't dressed in their good clothes on art day.   I also have my own smocks in my room if you don't have a smock for your child. I am looking forward to a great, creative, and fun year in art!
Physical Education
Joseph Macchi & Matthew Schiff  Physical Education teachers - Physical Education Website
"Children maintain a healthier body weight when their parents encourage them to exercise, and sometimes join in." -Yale University Study
Richard Russo, Music Coordinator K-12
Jamie Stroffolino, Music Coordinator K-12
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PJ Sarian, Band Teacher