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Safety Information

Our First Priority
The safety of our children is the foremost concern of the Lakeland School District and its Transportation Department. This concern can be seen in the rigorous training our drivers undergo and in the many safety features found on our buses.

Concern for the safety of our children can be found in the construction of the school bus with its high back seats and familiar blinking lights. Lakeland buses include side stop arms that extend out from the driver's side of the bus and combine with the red flashing lights to alert drivers in front and behind the school bus.

All members of the Lakeland community - from drivers and students to parents and teachers - are important parts of a safe transportation system.

Your children have the right to a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school each day. We consider all children as dear as our own when they are in our care. In Lakeland, we have a great deal of respect and pride in all the professionals who maintain the safe operation of the Transportation Department.