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Role of the Parent

Parents and guardians are an important part of the smooth operation of the Lakeland transportation system. You can help promote and maintain safety in many different ways. These are just a few:

  • Help teach your children the importance of good behavior aboard the bus
  • Go over the rules and responsibilities of riding the bus with your children
  • Ensure that your children are on time in the morning
  • Whenever possible, accompany small children to the bus and meet them on their return home
  • Work on reducing the number of loose items your children bring on the bus. New York State safety regulations prohibit the transporting of large objects on the bus. These items should be brought to school in a car. Contact your school or the Transportation Department if you have any question about specific items.
  • Be sure your child knows the rules and understands the consequences of breaking them. Information given out in the schools contain a more detailed listing of bus discipline procedures. Please take the time to read those procedures.
Instruct children not to get off the bus unless it is their stop. If the driver misses their stop, child should notify driver and they will be returned to designated bus stop as soon as possible. This also applies if child is on wrong bus.

Please Note: Parents of handicapped students should notify the Transportation Office in writing of any physical or medical needs that are appropriate for the proper transportation and safety of your child.

Parents: Help Us Teach Your Child Bus Safety
When safety rules are ignored, people can get hurt. Unfortunately, some people never stop to think about the harm that breaking a rule can cause.