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Additional SMART Board Lessons

SMART Board Lessons to download
Doctors of Integerology -This notebook will allow middle school students to review integer operations and develop a “medic kit” graphic organizer to perform signed numbered operations like a pro!
Animal and Plant Cells - An interactive SMART Board lesson in which middle school students will be able to identify organelles and understand the functions of all the major organelles of the plant and animal cell.
The Life Cycle of Plants - Kindergarten students will identify parts of a plant, know what vegetables are produced from the different parts of the plant, and learn the life cycle of plants, along with practicing sorting.
SMART Board Websites with lessons to download.
SMART Educator Resources  - An online community for educators using SMART products. Contains many activities to download and use with Notebook software. Users can submit their lessons to be published and shared here.
Welcome to Harvey's Homepage - Math Notebook lessons created by a retired math teacher and instructional technologists.  Includes creative lessons for various strands of mathematics. 
Scholastic SMART Board Files - This respected website for educators now includes some SMARTBoard files to download and use at the beginning of the school year.