Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School

PBIS Rewards Menu


Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School
PBIS Menu of Choice

Just earn PAWS by following our PBIS expectations and upon receiving the number of PAWS identified below, choose your accomplishment.  Visit your Guidance Office to trade your PAWS for your accomplishment.

(10 PAWS)

  •           Lead the morning Pledge of Allegiance/moment of reflection.
  •          You and a friend may have lunch with a staff member of your choice.
  •          Receive a pass to go to the front of the lunch line for 1 day.
  •          Receive a pass to go to the front of the snack line at lunch for 1 day.
  •          Permission to use electronic device during lunch for 1 day.
  •          Be a helper at the PBIS Café.
  •          Receive 1 free item from the PBIS Café - i.e. bagel.

(15 PAWS)

  • Receive a pass to switch Cafeterias for 1 day.
  • Eat Lunch outside for 1 day-weather permitting and on a designated day.
  • Have your birthday or a friend’s birthday displayed on our message monitors for a week.
  • Leave 9th period 5 minutes early on a designated Friday. (with your teacher’s permission of  course)

(25 PAWS)

  •  Free entry into your grade level’s canteen. 

Once you have redeemed 50 PAWS from this menu, you will receive a “PAW of Fame”, which will be proudly displayed in the main hallway.


“The more PAWS you earn, the more POWER of choice you earn.”