Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School


Homework is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to ensure your child’s success in school.  As you know, the purpose of homework is to reinforce and extend what teachers have taught in the classroom.  Research indicates that students who consistently do their everyday homework improved academic achievement at all grade levels and grow to be independent, responsible, motivated, and successful adults.  Your involvement and support are vital in determining the motivation and success of your child.

You, as the parent, can help in the following ways:

Provide a study space where your child can work quietly with good lighting, room for materials, and freedom from distractions.

Check homework agenda pad nightly:  Many middle school students still need someone to help with homework completion.

Set schedules with your child:  Sit with your child and agree upon a routine for their after school activities.  This should include a specific time designated every night for homework.

Ask them to try:  Although your child may struggle with some assignments, it is important for the teacher to see that they at least attempted the work.  This way, the teacher can determine where your child needs help.

Establish a homework buddy:  Encourage your child to set up a buddy system in case there is a question about the assignments. 

Offer positive reinforcement and encouragement.  Emphasize the value of homework in helping your child practice skills and acquire information.

Grant your child “free time” when he/she has completed all homework assignments satisfactorily.

To check students’ current progress, homework, and important reminders go to Home Access Center.  

*If your child is absent for more than two days, you can request homework on the third day of absence.  Please call the guidance office in the morning and the work will be ready for pick up at 3:30pm.  This will ensure that your child does not fall behind.

The Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School website is always a good resource for current information such as the daily bulletin etc.  Be sure to visit frequently.