Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School

Grade 7 School Counseling

Seventh grade is another exciting year in your child’s career at the Middle School.  Students find the transition to seventh grade a bit difficult and different because in seventh grade we move forward from elementary to a secondary curriculum.  Teacher expectations are much higher in seventh grade and workload increases quite dramatically.  For this reason counselors follow their students to the next grade level in order to provide continuous support and guidance with each step of the way. Here are some things the two counselors will busy doing this year with their students:

  • Welcome the new students to the district by inviting them to a new entrant breakfast
  • New entrant groups to help students adjust to the school
  • Counselors will meet with each child individually to discuss their transition from 6th to 7th grade and offer support and strategies for any concerns or issues
  • Continue the boys and girls friendship group
  • Continue with the divorce group
  • Classroom presentations on various interesting topics
  • Study skills and organization groups
  • Peer Leadership program

The school counselors also work very closely with the parents.  They will be holding meetings on an as needed basis, responding to parent questions via e-mail or phone.  As every year, they will be holding our 504 reviews in October to update all plans for the current year.