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Student Focus Groups

The Lakeland Central School District has been working closely with Dr. Gess LeBlanc, an expert in the field of child and adolescent development, to help achieve educational equity within our schools. Part of Dr. LeBlanc's work is around the importance of utilizing focus groups. Through focus groups, we are able to hear directly from both students and faculty about their experience learning and working here in Lakeland.  Our administrators have all been training in how to run successful focus groups, and have been tasked with holding at least one focus group with students and one with faculty to build trust and gain important information on how to positively improve our schools.

Some of the topics discussed in the focus groups include:
- Culture and Climate of the School
- Connecting with Adults in the Buildings
- Engagement in the Classrooms and with School Community
- Arts Programming

From the Focus Groups, students report the following:

"Having the opportunity to be able to talk about the art programs at the school has been an awesome experience. Being able to talk about my experiences and what I have been able to accomplish while being at this school has made me better then ever! Being able to be apart of the growth of the art department at Walter Panas is an important thing to me and was an awesome opportunity!" 

“It was very thought provoking to hear perspectives from a wide range of students, discuss a balance of things we appreciate about our school, and also improvements that can be made”. 

As a district, we look forward to continuing these important conversations with our students and staff.