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Adoption Date: 6/12/1997
Computer and Internet Use
Regulation # 6154R

To provide an intellectual atmosphere that includes access to knowledge and information, Lakeland Central School District believes that all students and users (persons using the computer technology available in the schools) should have the opportunity to develop skills in using computer technology. The technology of the computer network is defined as all computers, both hardware and software, the LAN (local area network), furniture, and all transmitted information, Transmitted information includes but is not limited to: electronic mail, web browsing, file transfer protocol, and any information retrieved via the Internet.

The internet is a network of thousands of computers around the world which allows Users to send, receive, a publish information in various ways, including e-mail, newsgroups, and the World Wide Web. With access to computers and people all over the world also comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be. of educational value in the context of the school setting. Access to such material is actively discouraged at Lakeland; but on a global network it is impossible to control all materials, and a determined user may discover controversial information. We firmly believe that the valuable information and interaction available .on the Internet far outweighs the risks inherent in the procurement of questionable material that is not consistent with the District’s educational goals and philosophy.

The network is a resource that is shared by the entire Lakeland community. Network and school administrators reserve the right to access, inspect, and delete the contents of student and/or user e-mail and files upon reasonable suspicion that the student and/or user has violated the acceptable use policy, regulations and law.

Use of technology at Lakeland is a privilege extended to individuals who wish to enhance their learning experiences. Students and users will broaden their global horizons and discover a vast scope of information and experience. Learning through interaction with the technology will furnish a student and user with many of the skills required by our evolving business and educational community. Each student and user has the privilege to make use of authorized hardware and software found on school grounds in order to facilitate their academic growth.

Transmission and viewing of any material in violation of any federal or state law or regulation is expressly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: plagiarism, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, pornographic, obscene materials, materials advocating discrimination, or materials protected by trade secret or that are classified government information. All school regulations apply to the use of the network to support the educational goals of this institution. When the school incurs a cost due to student and/or user negligence or misuse, the student and/or user will be responsible for the cost.

Students and users of Computer Technology in the Lakeland School District are expected to comply with the o1lowing procedures:

1. Students and users will follow the District’s policy and regulations on Computer/Internet use and above acceptable use statement.

2. Education and curriculum-related research is the first priority of Internet and network use in the Lakeland Central School district; all other use is secondary.

3. Students and users may not install, modify or delete soft on individual workstations or on the network file server.

4. Students and users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means.

5. No student or user is allowed to access any other student’s or user’s files. No student or user may allow another person to use his/her flies or user account number,

6. Plagiarism of materials found on the network constitutes a violation of the law and. policy.

7. All copyright laws, including those governing the copying of computer software, must be observed.

8. The use of the computer to transmit or view hate mail, harassment, profanity, obscenity, pornography, discriminatory remarks, misrepresentation, impersonation, and other anti-social behaviors are prohibited on the Internet and the network.

9. For the student’s and user’s safety, personal info nation such as full name, home address, phone number, age, gender, etc., must not be revealed about the user or others over the Internet.

10. Any use of the Internet or the network  for political lobbying, advertising, commercial or for-profit purposes or any illegal purpose is prohibited.

11. Students and users must understand that they have the responsibility for their own actions while using the Internet or the network.

12. Students without parental permission to use the internet are prohibited from teaming up with those who have permission to use the Internet.