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8311 Treasurer

Adoption Date: 01/01/19520 Revised: 08/16/2001, 02/13/1975, 01/11/1979, 06/13/1995 
8000 - Internal Board Policies
Methods of Operations
8311 Treasurer

The School District Treasurer shall be appointed annually by the Board of Education at its annual organizational meeting.
In accordance with Education Law, the Commissioner’s Regulations and General Municipal Law, the Treasurer shall:

1.    Be responsible for receiving and disbursing all District monies;

a. Deposit all monies received in the officially designated banks of the District;
b. Disburse monies on receipt of a signed warrant or certified payroll;
c. Issue receipts acknowledging receipt of all monies paid over to his/her custody;
d. Sign all checks either manually, with the check signer and safeguarding the signature plate and key, or with a password protected signature as part of a software package.

2.    Be the custodian of all District monies:

a. Maintain the accounting records and all bank statements;
b. Render a monthly reconciliation report for each fund;
c. Comply with appropriate statutes regarding separate bank accounts, note and bond registers, annual audit and the filing of financial records.

The Treasurer shall be covered by a surety of bond provided for and set by the Board of Education at its annual organizational meeting.