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8310 District Clerk

Adoption Date: 01/01/1952 Revised: 02/13/1975, 6/13/1995, 08/16/2001
8000 - Internal Board Policies
Methods of Operations
8310 District Clerk

The District Clerk to the Board of Education shall be appointed annually by the Board at the annual organizational meeting.

The District Clerk shall function under the direction of the Superintendent and shall perform those duties prescribed by the Education Law and the Commissioner of Education.

Responsibilities of the District Clerk shall include:

• Acting as Clerk of any annual and special District meeting or election.

• Attending all special and regular meetings of the Board of Education and recording the proceedings, unless excused.

• Attending meetings of Board of Education committees when directed.

• Giving notice of all Board meetings to members, the media and the public.

• Keeping minutes, documents, books and records of the District.

• Furnishing copies of the minutes and other reports required by law to Board members.

• Publishing all legal notices.

• Preparing and delivering to each Board member an agenda setting forth all known items of business to be considered at the meeting prior to the meeting. The agenda shall originate with the Superintendent in consultation with the Board Officers.

• Maintaining a register of all policies, bylaws, rules and regulations passed by the Board of Education.
• Issuing certifications of Board minutes and other documents with the official seal of the District, as needed,

• Administering oaths of office to newly elected (or re-elected) Board members, Board officers and District officers, and filing employees’ oaths, as required.

• Filing the resignations of Board members.

• Carrying out all procedures as the District Clerk under the Education Law, Section 3020-a, to implement its provisions.

• Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board of Education.