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8143 School Board Member Attendance at Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Meetings, Events, and Activities

Adoption Date: 01/5/2006
8000 - Internal Board Policies
8143 School Board Member Attendance at Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Meetings, Events, and Activities

The participation of the Board of Education at appropriate conferences, conventions, workshops, meetings, events and activities (“conference”) is encouraged in recognition of the necessity for continuous development and in-service training for its members. Among those conferences at which attendance may be considered are those sponsored by area, regional, state or national school boards associations as well as other appropriate educational and school-related functions.

When the anticipated cost is more than $100, the Board of Education must formally authorize any of its members to attend a conference in order to be eligible for reimbursement of expenses. Prior to such attendance, a resolution must be adopted and entered into the official minutes indicating the specific purpose and the Board members authorized to attend. The District Clerk will forward the resolution to the Purchasing Agent in the Business Office, who will then encumber the appropriate designated account for the estimated cost of the trip. Authorization must be within budgetary appropriations.

State law authorizes attendance and reimbursement for expenses for the purpose of continuing development and in-service training for Board members. Appropriate expenses will be paid directly by the District through purchase orders whenever possible. The District will reimburse Board attendees for all reasonable, necessary and actual expense not paid for directly by the District including registration fees and materials, transportation, meals, lodging, communications, including telephone usage for school-related business, and incidental expenses such as baggage handling and customary gratuities and taxes where applicable. Board members must account in full on appropriate District forms, with itemized receipts and documentation attached, for all expenditures resulting from participation at conferences. The Claims Auditor will review all claims for possible payment in accordance with Board Policy. 

Board members should report back to the Board of Education and share information, recommendations and/or material acquired at the function.