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8137 Submission of Propositions

Adoption Date: 04/23/1964  Revised: 10/17/2001, 05/14/1964
8000 - Internal Board Policies
8137 Submission of Propositions

Petitions for the placing of a proposition before the voters of the School District shall be submitted to the Board of Education.

1. Propositions to appear on the ballot at the Annual Meeting shall be submitted by petition filed with the District Clerk on or before the 60th day immediately preceding the Annual Meeting. The petition must contain the signatures of 25 voters or five percent of the number of voters of the District who voted in the previous annual election of Board members, whichever is greater.
2. A separate petition shall be required for each proposition.
3. The proposition shall be stated clearly and concisely, but the form and length of such proposition is subject to revision by the Board of Education for purposes of placement on the voting machine.
4.  Amendments to propositions shall be filed with the District Clerk no later than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting and shall be supported by petitions containing the number of signatures set forth in paragraph 1, above.
5.  Any propositions which require the expenditure of monies must include the necessary specific dollar amount.

The Board of Education shall examine each petition for the submission of propositions filed with the District Clerk. Any petition may be rejected by the Board of Education if the proposition:

  • is not within the power of the voters;
  • requires the expenditure of monies and it fails to include the necessary specific appropriation; and/or
  • is prohibited by law.

The Board of Education, in its discretion, shall determine the order in which all propositions shall appear upon the voting machines.

The Board may also, on its own motion, submit propositions to the voters.