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6173 Home Instruction

Adoption Date: 09/26/1963 Revised: 09/20/2001, 06/10/1965, 02/13/1975, 04/19/1995, 02/15/2001
6000 - Instruction
Curriculum Extensions
6173 Home Instruction
Regulation Info: 6173R

Home instruction shall be provided in accordance with Education Law for those students unable to attend school but who are nevertheless able to profit from instruction. Such instruction shall be provided in the manner most suitable in each case.

Home instruction shall be provided to a student within the compulsory education ages upon suspension from school for disciplinary reasons. Home instruction shall be provided to students who are absent from school due to long-term illness or injury (more than five school days) upon receipt of a doctor’s written certification.

Home instruction in such cases shall generally be provided at the rate of one hour per school day for elementary students, one and one-half hours per day for middle school students and two hours per day for high school students. The Superintendent may, in his/her discretion, provide more time in extraordinary cases.

The assigned home tutor shall contact the student’s school for books and assignments. He/she shall also contact the student’s parent/guardian to schedule the time for instruction. If the instruction is provided in the student’s home, the parent or guardian must be present during the full period of instruction. If a parent/guardian is not present or leaves the premises, the home tutor shall not provide the home instruction services or shall discontinue such services for that day. The home tutor shall advise the District immediately if home instruction cannot be provided to a student due to the lack of an adult presence in the home or due to the lack of vitality of the student. The home tutor shall submit weekly time sheets to the District for each student, with the parent’s/guardian’s signature, as well as periodic progress reports.