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5138 Student Driving and Parking

Adoption Date: 03/19/1959, Revised: 12/21/2006, 02/13/1975 
5000 - Students

5138 Student Driving and Parking

Driving to school and parking on school grounds is a privilege, not a right. If a student does not behave responsibly while driving on and/or parking on school grounds, the privilege may be suspended or revoked. In addition, disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with the District Code of Conduct.

It is the policy of the District that a student who drives to school must still use District provided transportation to and from any school program, athletic competition or organized activity (except athletic practices). Notwithstanding this provision, a parent/guardian may submit a notarized letter to the Building Principal requesting that permission be granted for his/her child to drive between high schools or to and from a BOCES program. The letter must specify a valid reason for the student to drive between the schools or BOCES and provide explicit permission for the student to do so. The Building Principal will review the circumstances surrounding the request and determine if permission will be granted. If permission is granted, the parent/guardian and student must also sign a statement acknowledging that the student will not allow passengers in his/her car when driving between the schools or BOCES. If the student does not comply with this requirement, the privilege of driving between the schools or BOCES may be suspended or revoked