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5135 Management of Student Extra-Classroom Activity Funds

Adoption Date: 01/01/1952  Revised: 06/08/2000, 07/10/1962, 02/13/1975, 02/11/1993
5000 - Students
5135 Management of Student Extra-Classroom Activity Funds

An organization within the School District whose activities are conducted by students and whose financial support is raised other than by taxation or through charges of the Board of Education shall be known as extra-classroom activity funds. Funds received from the conduct, operation or maintenance of the extra-classroom activity funds shall be deposited with the Treasurer of Student Activity Accounts. All other funds for which the Board of Education is responsible must be deposited with the District Treasurer for deposit in the General Fund or other appropriate fund.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations and procedures for the conduct, operation and maintenance of student activity funds and for the safeguarding, accounting and audit of all monies received and derived therefrom in accordance with the Commissioner’s Regulations.