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5134 Fund Raising and Public Sales on School Property

Adoption Date: 6/19/2003, Reviewed: 02/27/2017
5000 - Students
5134 Fund Raising and Public Sales on School Property

In accordance with Regents Rule §19.6, the Board of Education prohibits the direct solicitation of charitable donations (funds or goods) from students on school property during school hours. Notwithstanding the above, the following fund raising activities may be permitted, upon the prior approval of the Superintendent of Schools or designee:

1. Fund raising activities which take place off school premises or outside of regular school hours, including recruitment for such activities. The School District may not serve as a conduit for the collection of money for an organization.
2. Sale of goods or tickets for social, musical, theatrical or athletic events where the proceeds go to charity;
3. Indirect forms of charitable solicitation which do not involve coercion, such as a bin or collection box in a hallway or common area for donation of food, clothing or money.

No door-to-door solicitations shall be permitted.

Soliciting Funds from Staff

No solicitor, salesman, vendor or agent shall come into any school building or upon any school property and solicit business, other than school business, from any employee. In the case of school business, the vendor shall obtain permission from the building principal or designee before soliciting any school employee in any building.

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