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5132.1 Alternative Physical Education Option

Adoption Date: 1/21/2016
5000 - Students

5132.1 Alternative Physical Education Options

Interscholastic Athletics
A student in grades 10, 11 or 12 who participates in the District’s interscholastic athletic program by participating and competing in a Varsity sport and who has demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, physical skills and knowledge of physical education activities, as determined by the District, with parent permission, may request to opt-out of the physical education program for one quarter of interscholastic athletic participation, provided that the student (1) has passed physical education during the previous school year; (2) must have successfully completed all alternative programs; (3) must be in good standing each quarter preceding enrollment in the alternative program; and the time spent participating in the Varsity team is equivalent to the time the student would otherwise be required to spend in physical education class.  The request is subject to the prior approval of the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics and the High School Principal, based upon the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The student seeking approval must continue to attend and participate in physical education classes until approval is granted.

Standards for determining a student’s fitness, skills and competence shall be developed by the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics. The determination of whether a student has met such standards shall be in the sole discretion of the District.

Credit for physical education will be awarded on a pass/fail basis when the student athlete successfully completes the sports season. Once the request is approved, the student is excused from physical education for the approved quarter provided that the student remains on the Varsity team. A student may only participate in the alternative program for one quarter of the school year (for Fall sports, the first quarter only; Winter sports, the third quarter only; and Spring sports, the fourth quarter only). Tenth grade students participating in this alternative program who are assigned to a study hall, must report to the study hall. Failure to do so may result in removal from the alternative program.

Out-of-District Athletics
A student in grade 12 who will not be able to complete the physical education requirements for graduation as a result of, for example, the need to complete a BOCES technical skills program, employment skills program, or other similar program that will enable the student to be career ready after graduation, may apply for physical education credit on a pass/fail basis in an out-of-school physical or athletic program. The proposal must be submitted for approval to the Building Principal and the Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics. This option may be utilized for one semester only.

The proposal must:  

  1. Describe in detail the out-of-district physical activity proposed to earn High School credit, including frequency, intensity and duration.
  2. Provide the name and contact information of the proposed activity supervisor.
  3. Include the supervisor’s qualifications for instruction of that physical activity.
  4. Include a minimum of twenty-seven (27) hours of participation, per semester, during the school year.
  5. Maintain an activity log, including attendance, to be submitted to and reviewed with the student’s physical education teacher of record once each quarter.
  6. Include acknowledgement by the student’s High School counselor that participation in the District’s physical education program would preclude participation in a BOCES technical or similar program.

The student seeking approval must continue to attend and participate in physical education classes until approval is granted. 

If the student discontinues participation in an approved out-of-District activity, the student must return to physical education immediately.

Any student approved for participation in either of the above alternative physical education options must comply with the School’s rules for students not assigned to a course during the physical education period.

Any irregularities in the fulfillment of the alternative programs will result in automatic removal from the program and a failing grade for that quarter or semester, as applicable.