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5131.8 Interscholastic Athletic Program/Co-Curricular Activities

Adoption Date: 3/20/1984, Revised: 2/11/1993
5000 - Students
5131.8 Interscholastic Athletic Program/Co-Curricular Activities

The Board of Education fully recognizes and supports the importance and value of the interscholastic athletic and co-curricular programs of the District to all students as part of their overall educational program. Students are encouraged to participate in order to benefit from the physical, intellectual and emotional growth arising from the development of self-discipline and a sense of teamwork.

Student eligibility for participation on interscholastic athletic teams shall include:
1.    The student and parents agree to this participation. (Parent permission form)
2.    The student passes the physical fitness test and examination required to acquire a sports card.
3.    The student’s participation is also approved by School Principal.
4.    Student meets eligibility requirements as specified in Policy #5131.8. 

The Superintendent, or his/her designee, shall establish guidelines for the purpose of strengthening good sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, respect, courtesy and dignity. These guidelines are to be stressed by individual coaches and advisors to strike a proper balance between individual development and team and club success and to provide a role model in building and upholding proper decorum and good sportsmanship.

In addition, the Board of education recognizes the importance of active participation by team and club members in each athletic program and co-curricular activity. To this end, the goal of each coach and advisor shall be to assure such participation within the provisions of safety, scheduling, substitution rules and District regulations.