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5131.7 Tobacco Prohibition

Adoption Date: 4/14/1993, Revised: 11/18/2013; 12/13/1994, 12/17/1999, 11/19/2009, 11/18/2021
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5131.7 Tobacco Prohibition

Due to the health hazards associated with smoking, vaping and the use of tobacco products as well as any nicotine or cannabis delivery system (such as hookah, vaporizer), and in accordance with Federal and State law, the Board of Education prohibits smoking, vaping, other tobacco or cannabis use in all school buildings, on school property, in school vehicles and at school-sponsored activities, whether on or off school property.   School grounds shall include areas within 100 feet of the entrances, exits or outdoor areas of any elementary or secondary school, but shall not include smoking in a residence or within the real property boundary lines of such residential real property.


Smoking includes the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic cigarette, vaporizer, or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco, cannabis or cannabinoid hemp. 

Electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) means an electronic device delivering vapor inhaled by an individual user, and includes any refill, cartridge, and any other component of such a device.

Tobacco products mean cigarettes or cigars, bidis, chewing tobacco, powdered tobacco, nicotine water, or any other tobacco products.

Vaping means the use of an electronic cigarette, vaporizer or other nicotine or cannabis delivery device currently known or developed in the future.

The ingesting of cannabis or concentrated cannabis products in any form is also prohibited on school grounds, in school vehicles and at school-sponsored activities, whether on or off school property.

Employees in violation of this policy may be subject to discipline in accordance with law and applicable collectively negotiated agreements.

Students in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

The District’s smoking, vaping and tobacco prohibition policy shall be prominently posted in each building.  The Board designates the Superintendent of Schools or their designee as agent responsible for informing individuals who are smoking or using tobacco or cannabis products, that they are in violation of Article 13-E of the Public Health Law and/or Federal Pro-Children Act of 1994.

This policy does not apply to lawful medical cannabis use in compliance with state law and regulation for those who are properly certified and registered; however, state regulations do not permit smoking or vaporizing medical cannabis where smoking and vaping are prohibited by law.

The Board also prohibits tobacco promotional items (e.g., brand names, logos and other identifiers) on school grounds, in school vehicles, at school-sponsored events, whether on or off campus, in school publications, on school equipment, uniforms and school supplies.  In addition, tobacco advertising is also prohibited in all school sponsored publications and at all school sponsored events, whether on or off campus.  The District will request, whenever possible, tobacco free editions of periodical publications for school libraries and classroom use.

Ref.  District Code of Conduct

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