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5129 Academic Eligibility Policy for Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Adoption Date: 06/08/2017 Reviewed: 04/30/2018
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5129 Academic Eligibility Policy for Athletics and Extracurricular Activities


The Board of Education encourages student participation in athletics and extracurricular activities while recognizing the importance of maintaining academic standards.  This policy reflects the common goals of sustaining academic achievement, while participating in extracurricular activities.

It is the intention that this policy support education and serve as a guide to help participating students remain focused, maintain academic standards and remain eligible.  Students, who become academically ineligible, will be given the opportunity to regain full eligibility status through adherence to guidelines outlined in this policy.  In the event that a student feels that he or she has been inappropriately deemed ineligible, he or she can appeal this decision as set forth in this policy.

Responsibility of the Parent and Student
It is the sole responsibility of the student and/or his/her parent/guardian to review and monitor student progress in all classes throughout the school year. When a concern arises, it is incumbent upon the parent/guardian or student to seek out the teacher, counselor or assistant principal to discuss the student’s progress in class.

General Academic Eligibility Statement
This policy applies to all extracurricular activities that meet more than three hours per week and includes all clubs and athletic teams. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right; students are expected to maintain a certain level of academic performance in order to participate in extracurricular programs.  Once a student has been identified as being in danger of or being academically ineligible, academic performance will be monitored during the entire school year. Students must meet the following criteria in order to participate in extracurricular activities:

Academic Standard
A student must maintain an academic program of at least 5.5 credits, which includes physical education.  The student must attend classes regularly and perform course work in all of his/her classes for each marking period.  Student performance will be reviewed at the end of each interim progress report and each marking period (further known as the Eligibility Period). An eligibility list will be published after each interim progress report or marking period report is finalized – approximately every five weeks. In order for a student to be removed from any level of probation, the student must be passing all courses at the next quarter or interim progress (mid-quarter) report.

Eligibility Standards

  1. Academic Probation
a.  If a student receives one comment of “Failing Probation/Ineligible” on the interim progress report or one failure on the report card, he/she will be placed on academic probation until the end of the next Eligibility Period (See Academic Standard).
b. A student on academic probation may fully participate in all extracurricular activities and interscholastic sports, and is required to make every effort to attend before and/or after-school study sessions – these are available most days, and should be fully utilized in these cases.
c.  If, after the next interim progress report or report card, the student is still failing the same one course, he/she will become “Ineligible to Compete/Participate.” (See 2a.)

2. Ineligible to Compete/Participate

a.  A student on “ineligible to compete/participate” status will be allowed to participate in practices only, but may not participate in games, competitions or other similar activities until the end of the next Eligibility Period (See Academic Standard). It is required that the student attend before and/or after-school study sessions.

b.  Ineligible to Compete/Participate status can be appealed following the appeal process guidelines. (See Appeals) If a student appeal is granted, he/she will not return to competition/participation sooner than two weeks from the previous Eligibility Period. If a student appeal is denied, the student remains “ineligible to compete/participate” until the next Eligibility Period.

3. Ineligible Status

a. If a student receives two or more “Failing Probation/Ineligible” comments on an interim progress report or two or more failures on a report card, he/she will be ineligible to participate in ANY extracurricular activity until the end of the next Eligibility Period (See Academic Standard).  It is required that the student attend before and/or after-school study sessions.  In order for the student to return to his/her activity, he/she must be passing all classes.

b. Ineligible Status cannot be appealed.

Tryout Period
Due to the brief and specific dates for athletic tryouts, auditions and certain extracurricular activities, students will be permitted to tryout or audition, and will not be penalized due to their eligibility status.  The ability to tryout or audition does not give the student the ability to participate if selected, unless he/she meets the Academic Standard.

Fall Sports & Extracurricular Activities
The June report card final grades will determine fall eligibility status.  Upon submission of proof of successful completion of courses in summer school, eligibility will be restored.

A student or his/her parent/guardian may request reconsideration or appeal the determination regarding the student’s ineligibility to compete/participate status to the Academic Eligibility Committee.  The Academic Eligibility Committee will be comprised of an Administrator, Teachers and/or Guidance Counselors from the other district high school in which the student is or will be enrolled. This committee shall not include the student’s coach/advisor for the particular sport or activity from which declared ineligible.  At least three individuals must be present to make a determination. The decision of the Academic Eligibility Committee is final and is not subject to appeal.

NOTE: A student may only appeal his/her status within the first week of being ineligible if he/she is failing one class during concurrent Eligibility Periods. (See 1c.) Additionally, the student MUST be passing ALL of his/her courses at the time in which the request is made.   In order to appeal his/her status, a student must complete the “Academic Ineligibility Status Change Request Form” (see below) for the class he/she is failing, and submit the appeal to the principal. This form can be obtained in either the Principal’s Office or the Athletic Office or on the District website.

The response for the appeal will be returned to the student within one week’s time and, if granted, the student may begin to compete/participate in games, competitions or other activities at the conclusion of the second week following the previous Eligibility Period. Therefore, a student granted their appeal will not return to competition sooner than two weeks from the previous Eligibility Period. If a student appeal is denied, the student remains “ineligible to compete/participate” until the next Eligibility Period.

If a student does not follow the protocols relevant to his/her academic probation status as set forth in this policy, either the student’s probation will be extended or the student may be removed from the team/activity.  In addition, once a student violates this policy, he/she loses the right to appeal his/her probationary status.

Academic Ineligibility Status Change Request Form - pdf file