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5123 R Student Grading

5123 RStudent Grading - Revised 03-25-2019

In order to ensure consistency between courses, buildings and levels, and to balance student accountability with the desire to have students demonstrate course content knowledge, grading for missed finals and Regents Exams will be managed as described below:

Final exams

  • An approved medical excuse that does not allow time for a make-up final to be administered and scored during exam week results in an MD in the final exam column, and a final average based on 4 quarters.
  • An illegal absence will be factored in as a zero.  If the student appeals to the teacher to make-up the final exam within a time frame that allows sufficient time for administration and scoring, the appeal will be brought to the building Principal for a final decision with input from the teacher.

Regents exams

  • An approved medical excuse will result in a RE score of IN (Incomplete), and a final average of IN.  The exam should be made up by the August administration.  Once the exam is made up, a final average will be calculated and administratively approved.  If a student does not make up the RE in August, a zero is factored.  If that exam is made up at a later date (January or following June), it will be reflected on the transcript. *NOTE that the FLACS exam in Spanish or Italian will follow the same practice as the RE, since those exams are also noted on the student transcript. 
  • An illegal absence will result in a blank RE score and a score of “0” will be entered as the final exam grade.  This exam may be made up at a later administration and added to the transcript.
  • *All other situations will be decided on a case by case basis by the building Principal in conjunction with the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.