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5118 Non-Residents

Adoption Date: 01/31/1961, Revised: 02/17/2000; 01/14/1993;  09/17/2020
5000 - Students
5118 Elementary & Secondary Attendance - Non-Residents

The Lakeland Central School District does not accept non-resident students on a tuition-paying basis unless required by law (i.e., children in temporary housing, foster children) or as provided in the following limited circumstances:

Future Residents
The children of families who have signed a contract to buy a residence in the District may be enrolled during the semester in which they expect to become residents for a period of 30 days without payment of tuition.   If the family does not move into the District within this time period, tuition will be charged for each child who attends the District’s schools from the day of first attendance until the family actually moves into the District and provides proof of residency to the District.  

The tuition will be charged at the State Education Department non-resident tuition rate for that school year.  Failure to pay tuition on time will be sufficient cause to require the parent/guardian to remove their child or children from the District, upon notification from the District that they are in default.

Former Residents
A change of residence to a school district outside of the Lakeland Central School District shall make the student ineligible to attend Lakeland Schools.  However, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall have the authority to approve the completion of the school year in the District’s schools in the transition grades (grades 5, 8 and 12) without the payment of tuition in those instances when:

  1. The student is in good standing; and
  2.  There is room in the student’s class;
  3. The transportation to and from the school is arranged by the student’s parents/guardians at their expense; and
  4. Not more than one-half (1/2) of the school year is remaining.

In the case of a high school senior student who has moved out of the District during the student’s senior year, however, the Superintendent or his/her designee, in his/her discretion has the authority to approve the completion of the school year without the payment of tuition regardless of the portion of the year remaining. 

Contracts with Other School Districts
Special education students from other school districts may be enrolled on a tuition basis, pursuant to a Committee on Special Education (CSE) placement determination, an authorizing agreement between the student’s home district and the Lakeland Central School District, and approval by the Board of Education.

Children of Faculty and Staff
Children of non-resident faculty and staff may attend the District’s schools pursuant to the provisions set forth in applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Policy 5120 
Policy 5120.1