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4250 Non-Represented Employees

Adoption Date: 1/22/2015
4000 - Personnel

4250 Non-Represented Employees

The Board recognizes the importance of employing qualified and competent personnel in all positions in the School District. The Board shall approve the employment, fix the compensation and establish terms and conditions for each person employed by the District. All employees not included in a negotiation unit and any employee who does not have an individual employment contract (hereinafter referred to as “non-represented employees”) shall be subject to this policy; provided, however, the provisions below may be added to or modified by existing or future supplemental terms and conditions agreements entered into between the District and a non-represented employee.

Non-represented employees shall be entitled to:


A. SALARY: The salaries and benefits of non-represented employees shall be determined annually by the Board of Education or otherwise from time to time based upon the management needs of the District, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools.
B. EVALUATION: An evaluation and performance review of each non-represented employee, based upon his/her job description and mutually selected objectives, shall be performed annually by the non-represented employee’s immediate supervisor. The evaluation shall contain both positive and negative comments relative to the non-represented employee’s performance and shall be presented to the non-represented employee on or before May 1st of each year. Informal reviews shall be performed as needed.

2. WORK YEAR/WORK DAY: The work year and work day of non-represented employees shall correspond to that of the Superintendent and his/her administrative staff.


A. VACATION: 25 days per year, accrued monthly at the rate of 2.083 days per month.
B. PERSONAL LEAVE: 5 days per year, accrued monthly at the rate of .417 day per month; unused personal leave is added to accumulated sick leave.
C. SICK LEAVE: 15 days per year, accrued monthly at the rate of 1.25 days per month; unused sick leave accumulates yearly.
D. SICK BANK: Eligible to participate in the ALA Sick Leave Bank.
E. BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: 5 days per year, accrued monthly at the rate of .417 days per month, for a death in the family. This leave is not accumulative.
F. WORKERS’ COMPENSATION: Non-represented employees are covered by the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation laws. Non-represented employees who are absent from work because of occupational injury or disease as defined by the Workers’ Compensation Law may, at the District’s discretion, pending adjudication of their case, be granted leave with full pay and such leave shall not be charged against sick leave, provided that the non-represented employee pays to the District the workers compensation benefit received for such absence.
G. JURY DUTY: If required to perform jury duty, the employee shall receive full pay from the District and shall waive the pay for jury duty service.


A. MEDICAL BENEFITS: Hospitalization/Major Medical Health Insurance for the eligible non-represented employee and their dependents, with the non-represented employee contributing 20% of the annual premium.
The non-represented employee may participate in the District’s Section 125 Internal Revenue Code Flexible Benefits Plan.
B. DENTAL/WELFARE BENEFITS: The Board shall provide funds for a dental health program and a welfare fund program at an annual rate not less than the amount provided for bargaining unit employees in the LFT bargaining unit.
C. MEDICAL BENEFITS AT THE TIME OF RETIREMENT: Non-represented employees with 10 or more years of District service immediately preceding retirement in order to receive retirement benefits from the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System or the New York State Local and Employees’ Retirement System shall be entitled to District contributions towards the cost of health insurance premiums in retirement as follows:
60% towards the cost of family coverage
75% towards the cost of individual coverage
In no event shall the retired non-represented employee contribute less than 40% towards the cost of family coverage and 25% towards the cost of individual coverage under the District’s plan or an H.M.O. made available through the District. The District’s funding obligation towards the premium costs of any H.M.O. shall not exceed its dollar contribution level towards premiums in the District’s health plan.
Dental/Welfare benefits will be available at the retired non-represented employee’s expense.
D. LIFE INSURANCE: Non-represented employees are provided with term life insurance in the amount of twice the non-represented employee’s annual salary rounded up to the next thousand dollars.
E. UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE: Non-represented employees are provided with unemployment insurance benefits on a non-contributory basis with eligibility and benefits determined by the New York State Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Division.


The Board of Education provides retirement benefits for the non-represented employees through the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System and the New York State Local and Employees’ Retirements System. Provisions are the same as those of the certified and classified bargaining units of the District.
Non-represented employees are covered by Social Security.


A. MILEAGE AND EXPENSES: Non-represented employees are reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. The prevailing IRS mileage rate is used for approved school business travel.
B. ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Non-represented employees are reimbursed for that portion of the cost of an optional complete annual physical examination which is not covered by the non-represented employee’s health insurance benefits from any source.

The following positions, listed with current titles, are not represented by a bargaining unit:

Executive Group:

  • Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
  • Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
  • Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
  • Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

Staff/Supervisory Group:

  • Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools
  • District Treasurer
  • Confidential Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Business

This policy contains the salary, benefits and conditions of employment for non-represented employees, except for those salaries, benefits and conditions of employment that may otherwise be set forth in a non-durational terms and conditions agreement executed on an individual basis with members of the Executive Group.