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4235 Confidentiality of Information Regarding Students and their Families

Adoption Date: 4/5/2001
4000 - Personnel
4235 Confidentiality of Information Regarding Students and their Families

The Board of Education believes that information regarding students and their families acquired as part of his/her official duties of the Lakeland Central School District is confidential and must be kept as such. To that end, the Board of Education directs that officers, employees and volunteers of the District to respect the privacy rights afforded to students (including their parents/guardians/families) by law by not disclosing to any individual or discussing with other individuals, including his/her own family members, information regarding a specific student or students and/or the student’s family, including but not limited to a student’s grades or progress in school; a student’s involvement in any incident in school or at a school activity (e.g. disciplinary, accident); a student’s status as a student with a disability; a student’s health or other problems, including whether or not a student takes medication or requires treatment; testing modifications given to a student, family background. The District also directs it officers, employees and volunteers to exercise good judgment and discretion in terms of where conversations are held in or around the school and at school activities so that matters concerning students and their families are not within earshot of others.

Any individual who violates this policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with law and any applicable collectively negotiated agreements.