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4151 Attendance Policy for Staff

Adoption Date: 8/8/1991, Revised: 10/18/2012; 02/01/1992, 11/17/2011 
4000 - Personnel
4151 Attendance Policy for Staff
Regulation Info: 4151R 


It shall be the joint responsibility of the individual employee, and the building principal or the department administrator, as appropriate, to track employee attendance. The employee will be held accountable for accurately reporting his/her absences and the employee’s direct supervisor will be held responsible for ensuring the accuracy of such reporting and reconciling the employee attendance records. Failure to accurately report absences or to monitor and ensure the accuracy of attendance records, as set forth herein, may lead to disciplinary consequences in accordance with law and applicable collectively negotiated agreement.

Employee Leave Days

Eligible certified and classified staff are granted a limited number of paid sick leave and personal leave days by the Board of Education so that they may receive regular pay while absent from their assignments due to personal illness or personal business that cannot be conducted other than during the regular school day.

Sick leave and personal leave are restricted purpose leaves. The Board of Education has an inherent right and responsibility to monitor employee use of such leaves in order to ascertain that employees are using the respective leaves for the purposes for which they are granted. Accordingly, the Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop and implement regulations regarding the use of sick and personal leave days by certified and classified staff of the School District, consistent with applicable provisions of collectively negotiated agreements.

Employees Returning from Extended Sick Leave

Upon return from an extended absence for medical reasons, the Superintendent of Schools shall, in his or her discretion, require any certified or classified employee of the School District, including employees ineligible for compensated sick leave, to submit to a physical examination by the School District’s designated Medical Examiner(s) before such employee may be allowed to return to his/her position in the School District. Necessary records shall be produced to the School District’s designated Medical Examiner(s) by the employee on or before the day of the examination. The purpose of the examination shall be to determine or medically verify whether the employee is capable of resuming his/her position.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations to implement this policy.