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4150 Offer to Health Insurance

Adoption Date: 7/2/2015
4000 - Personnel
4150 Offer to Health Insurance

Employees whose positions are covered by collectively negotiated agreements shall be offered health insurance coverage pursuant to the terms of the covering agreement. All other employees shall be offered health insurance pursuant to individual terms and conditions of employment agreements or, in the absence of such agreements or agreement, pursuant to the provisions set forth below.

Employees other than those referenced above and other than variable hour employees (such as per diem substitutes, coaches etc.), shall be offered health insurance coverage in the district health insurance plan immediately following the 90th day of employment for those full-time employees as defined by the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  For those employees who are hired as variable hour employees within the meaning of the Affordable Care Act, an offer of health insurance coverage shall be made on the first day of the first month following the administrative period that follows the conclusion of their first twelve (12) month period of employment.  The offer to be made to full-time and variable hour employees pursuant to this paragraph shall be individual as well as dependent coverage, where applicable, with the health insurance premium cost being paid solely by the employee.