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4115.2 Drug Sniffing Dogs

Adoption Date: 11/15/2001, Revised: 6/9/2016 
4000 - Personnel
4115.2 Drug Sniffing Dogs

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It is the policy of the Lakeland School District to apply a “Zero Tolerance” standard regarding persons, including students, who bring illegal drugs or any other substance that is illegal for them to possess in the school buildings, at other school district facilities, and on transportation vehicles.  The District’s Code of Conduct shall be strictly enforced with respect to any violations of the anti-drug provisions.

One method which may assist the District in the effective implementation of the District’s “Zero Tolerance” standard is the use of drug-sniffing dogs.  The District may arrange for drug-sniffing dogs to conduct searches of lockers (including student lockers), hallways, classrooms, closets, common areas and transportation vehicles.

The Superintendent of Schools is hereby authorized to establish administrative regulations for implementing searches carried out by drug-sniffing dogs, consistent with this policy and constitutional law standards.

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