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4114.1 Health Examination

Adoption Date: 12/3/1964, Revised: 12/17/1990; 02/13/1975, 10/08/1992 Reviewed: 03/16/2015 
4000 - Personnel
4114.1 Health Examination

At the discretion of the Board of Education, an employee may be required to have a medical examination by the District’s Chief Medical Officer and/or other physicians of the District’s choosing to determine his or her physical or mental fitness to perform his or her duties.  The cost of the examination shall be borne by the District.

In cases where, in the opinion of the District’s Chief Medical Officer, the employee has a contagious disease or other condition which would in any way endanger pupils or other personnel, or is physically or mentally unable to perform his or her duties, the Superintendent shall make a recommendation to the Board of Education as to the appropriate disposition of the case.

Policy References:
§913, Education Law