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3650 Independent (External) Audit

Adoption Date: 2/27/1964, Revised: 4/20/2006; 02/13/1975, 06/13/1995, 08/16/2001 Reviewed: 10/20/2014
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional
Non-Instructional Operations
3650 Independent (External) Audit

The District shall obtain an annual audit of its records by an independent certified public accountant or an independent public accountant. The annual audit report shall be presented to the Board of Education by such accountant.

The District shall, within 90 days of receipt of such report or letter, prepare a corrective action plan in response to any findings contained in the annual external audit report or management letter, or any final audit report issued by the State Comptroller. This corrective action plan shall be presented to the Board of Education for review. To the extent practicable, implementation of such corrective action plan shall begin no later than the end of the next fiscal year.

The District shall engage the independent (external) auditor through a competitive request for proposals (RFP) for a term of no longer than five consecutive years. The District, however, in its discretion, may permit the accountant engaged under an existing contract for such services to submit a proposal in response to an RFP or to be awarded a contract to provide such services under an RFP process. The Independent Auditor shall be appointed annually. Policy Cross References: » 8316 - Independent Auditor