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3512 Energy and Resource Conservation

Adoption Date: 1/22/2009, Reviewed: 10/20/2014
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3512 Energy and Resource Conservation

The Lakeland School District will comply with all New York State recommended and mandated energy and/or natural resource codes. It will actively pursue energy and resource saving devices as technology progresses.

Computer Energy Conservation
In an effort to conserve both energy and the District’s fiscal resources, the Board of Education encourages and supports a computer energy conservation program. To this end, it is the District’s policy that all computers and monitors, as well as accessories, are shut down during all extended periods of inactivity, such as week nights, weekends, holidays and recesses. In addition, to the extent feasible, the District will enable power management settings on computers such as “standby” or “hibernate” in order to reduce electricity consumption and costs. Building level administrators are charged with the responsibility of monitoring and periodically testing computers in their buildings to ensure compliance with this policy.