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3450 Monies in School Buildings

Adoption Date: 7/10/1962, Revised: 7/12/1994; 10/10/1962, 02/13/1975, Reviewed: 9/29/14 
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional

3450 Monies in School Buildings
Regulation Info: 3450R 

Petty cash funds may be established for the Superintendent of Schools, the Business Official, the administrators of each building, each building, the supervisors of buildings and grounds and transportation and other appropriate employees approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

Each fund may not be in excess of $100 and shall be maintained on the imprest method of accounting for petty cash accounts.

Expenditures are limited to those school-related payments requiring immediate cash and are of a relatively small amount, generally under $25 each.  Payments made from the funds will be indicated by receipts, receipted bills or other evidence of payments in form available for audit.

The fund may also be used where it may not be economically sound to process a single order.