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3340 District-Owned Cellular Telephones

Adoption Date: 1/5/2006, Revised: 11/19/2015; Reviewed: 9/29/14 
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional


3340 District-Owned Cellular Telephones


The Board of Education recognizes the need for certain employees to carry cellular telephones to effectively perform their duties both during and beyond regular business hours. A District-owned cellular telephone will be issued to select District personnel as determined and authorized by the Superintendent of Schools or designee. A list of employees authorized to have a District-owned cellular telephone and the level of service contract shall be maintained in the Business Office.

The District shall establish the level of service contract for each specific employee. The number of monthly “plan” minutes assigned to each cellular telephone shall be determined by the Business Office based on anticipated business usage. 

The Business Office shall evaluate annually the cost of effectiveness of the cellular telephone plans and seek quotes, bids or RFPs when appropriate. 

The Director of Technology shall monitor all cell phone usage. The use of District-owned cellular telephones shall be for District-related business. In the event there are overages caused by personal use, the user shall reimburse the District for such use. All employees issued District-owned cellular telephones shall agree, in writing, to accept financial responsibility for plan overages caused by personal usage and for reconnection charges as a result of their failure to follow this policy. Failure to reimburse the District may result in revocation of the cellular telephone and discipline of an employee. The District-owned cellular telephone should not be used by anyone other than the individual to whom the cellular telephone was issued.

As with any District-owned equipment, employees provided with cellular telephones must take proper care of such telephones and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss or theft. Any damage, loss or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office.

Cellular telephones will be returned to the Director of Technology at the end of the employee’s service to the District or upon demand by the Superintendent or designee.