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3326 District-owned Credit Cards and Store Purchase Cards

Adoption Date: 1/5/2006, Revised: 12/21/2006; Reviewed: 9/29/14, Reviewed: 10/26/2015
3000 - Business and Non-Instructional
3326 District-owned Credit Cards and Store Purchase Cards

The Board of Education does not authorize the use of multi-purpose credit cards, gasoline credit cards, debit cards or any other instrument other than an authorized purchase order for District purchases.  The Board of Education does, however, permit the Director of Facilities and Operations to use certain District store purchase cards (e.g., Staples, Home Depot) to pay for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work-related duties and to purchase goods for the District that are needed on an immediate basis. 

The use of any store purchase card shall be approved annually, at the annual organizational meeting in July, including the specific type of card, the number of cards, each employee to whom a card is assigned, and the maximum credit limit on each card.  Only those District personnel designated by this policy or the Board of Education shall be authorized to use a District store purchase card.

The Business Official shall monitor all store purchase card usage.  An analysis and written report shall be prepared on an annual basis.  The list of employees and the cards issued shall be maintained in the Business Office and included in the annual report to the Claims Auditor. 

The Business Office shall reconcile store purchase card invoices with itemized receipts for the expenditure that include the goods and/or services purchased, the amount of the purchase, date of purchase and the District business to which each purchase relates, to insure that amounts charged are correct and for a legitimate purpose.  Receipts and documentation for store purchase card expenditures shall be submitted promptly to the Business Official so that the District may avoid any interest charges.

The District reserves its right to refuse to pay a claim that is not authorized.  Store purchase cards shall be used prudently and only for legitimate school business expenditures.  The use of a store purchase card is not intended to circumvent the District policy on purchasing. 

Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, personal in nature, represent a conflict of interest or violate the intent of this policy, will require repayment or deduction from salary and may result in revocation of use of the card and employee discipline.  Individuals authorized to use District credit cards shall agree, in writing, to accept financial responsibility for any inappropriate usage by that individual.  Reimbursement for any personal or unauthorized purchases made with a District store purchase card must occur within 30 days of receipt of the card statement.  Any unauthorized use shall subject the cardholder to disciplinary action in accordance with law, District policy and/or any applicable collectively negotiated agreement.

An employee to whom a store purchase card is issued shall be responsible for its use, shall not allow the card to be used by anyone else or for any unauthorized purchases, shall take proper care of District-owned credit cards and shalltake all reasonable security precautions against damage, loss or theft. 

When not being used, the cards must be kept in a secure location in the office of either the Business Official or Director of Facilities and Operations.  Any damage, loss or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office and the appropriate financial institution. 

The Claims Auditor shall audit all credit card claims and, along with the Business Official, monitor compliance with this policy.